ProSource: Robust Purchasing Power
With retail sales of more than $4.5 billion and more than 500 members, ProSource is a dynamo of purchasing power and the largest specialty and consumer-electronics buying group in the United States. ProSource includes members of both Home Entertainment Source (HES) and PRO Group, leveraging PRO Group’s 26 years of industry experience, as well as the vast resources available to HES and parent company, BrandSource. In fact, the member-owned, nonprofit buying group’s numbers can’t be ignored, a fact that benefits both its members and its vendor partners.

Power to the Vendors
For ProSource’s manufacturer partners, that purchasing power offers matchless, laser-sharp focus on their brands with nearly 1,000 storefronts devoted to ProSource vendors. ProSource’s membership benefit manufacturers by allowing them to efficiently sell to a broad, built-in dealer base that are inherently more adept and trained to sell step-up product.

Power to the Members
ProSource’s power galvanizes unparalleled vendor programs, helping the independent retailer compete withnational chains and stay relevant—and important—to consumers. Plus, the support that ProSource provides members extends far beyond its incredible sales initiatives into a vast array of business services that help independent retailers operate more efficiently and help them increase their bottom line.